BRITTO'S RECYCLING SYSTEMS: We fully design and manufacture our customized system to suit new and existing sites. For information regarding the quotation, purchase or installation of one of our systems, please Contact Robert Britten. We manufacture the following components as well for our Recycling Sorting System:

Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Plastic Press
  • Storage Baskets
  • Steel Glass Bunkers
  • Trommel

Fabrication Shop

In our Welding Shop, we have a large selection of machinery to manufacture anything that is required by our clients.

We Have:

  • Guillotines to cut sheet and plate up to 3M wide and a thickness of 13mm.
  • Radial Drill for all drilling requirements.
  • Presses up to 100 Tonne.
  • Rollers for rolling sheets and plate steel up to 3M wide and a thickness of 13mm.
  • Section rolling machine.
  • Plasma cutting machine.
  • TIG welder, for all your Aluminum and Stainless Steel repairs.
  • Sheet folder, for folding up to 3mm thickness.
  • 155 tonne press brake folder capacity, 3M long and up to 20mm plate thickness.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop consists of six lathes and a milling machine, Therefore it can deal with all your machining needs. Our trade qualified machinists and apprentices have the experience and ability to handle all the requirements of the cotton/farming, ginning and recycling needs of our extensive customer base.

AG Machinery

We are not in any way limited to what we can manufacture and repair.We build any type of machinery according to your requirements, including:

  • Rotor Buckets
  • Drag Buckets
  • Irrigation Flood Gates
  • Bed Rollers
  • Tool Bars
  • Fuel Trailers

PUMP REPAIRS: We repair both Bore and River pumps.


AUGERS - We manufacture and repair all types of Augers.