Water Meters

Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Certified Meter Installer # 24537
  • Surface Water Meters up to 1800mm ⌀
  • All ground meters (Bores)
  • Whether you are looking to upgrade to a new meter in an existing site or are working on a new pump installation. We can offer a complete service from pump to discharge.
Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd

Rotor Buckets

Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd

Standard Lengths:

  • 12ft (3.6m).
  • 16ft (4.8m).
  • 20ft (6.0m).
  • 25ft (7.5m).


  • Spherical Bearings.
  • 3 curved blades provide well compacted and contoured mounds.
  • Wide trip mechanism reduces wear and frame stress.
  • Low profile compact design.

Drag Bucket

Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd

Standard Length:

  • 10ft (3.0m).
  • 12FT (3.6M)

We also make other sizes to order.


  • 10 mm Back plate.
  • 150 x 150 Draw Bar.
  • 6' STD Grader Blades.
  • All Steel Hubs and Stubs.
  • 75 mm Solid Steel Main Pivot.
  • 750 x 16 LT Wheels and Rims.
  • Detachable Draw Bar.

Flood Gate

Britto's Engineering Pty Ltd

Floodgate specifications:

  • Outer Frame made from 100 x 50 RHS up to 1371mm 54".
  • 72" - 1800 Outer Frame made from
    125 x 75 RHS.
  • Large Bearings on Threads to provide ease of operation.
  • Stainless Steel Axle and Brass Wheels on Doors.
  • "D" section Rubber Seal with Stainless Steel Strips.
  • High Speed 2 TPI Thread and all Steel Bearing Housing.
  • Brass Nut for long life.
  • Solid 25mm Square bar Door Runners and Wedges.
  • Long 400mm Spigots.
  • Painted with 2 Pack Marine Epoxy.
  • Spigots on Gate to be made to your exact size.

Floodgate Size Prices:
We Manufacture Floodgates from 12"(300MM) to 72"(1800MM).